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Battery for Solar System

The sun is the nearest star to the earth and the only luminous object in the solar system. It brings light and heat to the earth, and is the root of all life on the earth. The sun transmits energy to the earth's surface in the form of light radiation. Solar energy belongs to renewable green energy and is an inexhaustible energy source.

Having a solar energy power system is an excellent renewable way to save money on electric usage, and it’s a great storage backup system you can use in the event of a widespread power outage at home. However, it is very important also to choose a reliable and long cycle-life solar battery bank to store the electric power from the solar system panel. Not only for simplifying the maintenance pack, but also for saving the daily cost. Solar energy is the best renewable energy system. Solar battery storage power through solar panel pack. Solar energy storage batteries can be a best backup option for homes and small offices.

Advantages of Silicon Solar battery :

1. The cycle life is longer without maintenance. This makes silicon batteries have a higher cost performance ratio, which not only saves the cost of battery replacement, but also saves the cost of daily maintenance.

2. Acceptable charge current of 0.01C. Being able to charge with minimal current means that silicon solar cells can receive electricity from solar panels even in cloudy days.

3. It can work at extreme temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius. The ability to work under harsh conditions will ensure the normal operation of the whole solar energy system.

4. Reduce self-discharge. After two years of storage, the capacity will be maintained at 70%.

5. No acid haze or hydrogen produce, and no heat invention. The real safe and eco-friendly battery sale.