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We have manufactured the Silicon Battery with great passion and the sole intention to benefit the mankind. This is a revolutionary product that replaces the traditional AGM and GEL lead-acid battery. It has got so many edges over those traditional batteries.

We have used surface-gelled neutral silicate compounded electrolyte and high-density active material plates in order to improve the performance level of Silicon battery substantially.

Feature of Silicon Battery:

  • The battery can be used normally by adding liquid when the arrival of service life .
    (especially for the use of the base station in some remote area )
  • Low internal resistance, and it does not increase after long-term use
  • Long survive life: ultra particle composite silicate solution is neutral, not corrode plates inside the battery, survive life is up to 20years standby use
  • It will not generate gas with use, the electrolyte is neutral, so it can reduce environmental pollution. The engine room need no ventilation, explosion-proof, the floor need no acid proof pipeline need not to buried specially, thereby reducing the total cost of the enterprise investment
  • Temperature range is wide: It can work normally between -40℃ to 70℃. Battery room without temperature control, without air conditioning, can save a lot of energy
  • Low self discharge, the capacity is still more than 80% after two years. In case of sudden disaster, the battery is still not heating, no explosion, rapid recovery, to ensure the normal operation of equipment
  • The waste electrolyte is neutral, no pollution to the environment, can be used as organic fertilizer
  • The real maintenance free, no need to arrange regular charge/discharge

Battery Capacity:

  • Backup series : 10 hours rate
  • Power series : 2 hours rate for under 40AH
    3hours rate for more than 40AH