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Lead Acid Battery

The Lead Acid Battery is the very commonly used storage battery that uses Lead peroxide (PbO2), Sponge lead (Pb) and Dilute sulfuric acid (H2SO4) as the construction materials. Since lead storage battery invention back in early 1800’s these batteries have been able to dominate the market, and today it’s considered as an important automotive component in nearly every vehicle on the roads. The lead acid batteries manufactured at Shanghai Yuqi Information Technology Co. Ltd. are guaranteed to supply the appropriate amount of electricity to ignite all the electrical systems used in your vehicle such as engines, lights, indication stereos etc.

We, at Shanghai Yuqi Information Technology Co. Ltd., provide you with high-quality, durable and cost-effective batteries that perfectly suit your vehicles. In case of storage batteries, where electrical energy is stored as chemical energy and this chemical energy is converted to electrical energy when needed (known as charging and discharging of the battery), we make sure the batteries exhibit little to no wastage of energy. The mechanism is same, but the techniques we use are little different, hence, our batteries are more durable compared to others.

Talking about the silicone battery used in solar systems, we guarantee that the solar battery manufactured at Shanghai Yuqi Information Technology Co. Ltd. is much more advantageous in solving the defects such as poor discharge performance in solar photovoltaic field in continuous rain days when light is low, bad effects from environmental changes, small charge current etc. Since the applicable temperature range of solar battery is -400C to 700C, the battery can be used for a long time even in adverse environmental conditions. We also make sure our solar system batteries don’t generate any heat, hydrogen or acid mist. If you are using our solar system battery, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or regular charge and discharge.

All our products have been recognized as “Green Star” products in China Battery industry by the State Environmental Protection Bureau. If you want the best batteries for all your needs, please contact us.