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Renewable Energy

Although modern people are becoming more conscious than before the rate of energy consumption is still at a growing state since the world’s population is growing. The consumable energy coming from fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal is limited and non-renewable. Therefore, alternate renewable energy resources such as wood, solar, wind, hydroelectric, thermal, geothermal, photovoltaic, bio fuel and biomass resources have to be used to harness the renewable energy in order to fill the energy gap.

Here, at Shanghai Yuqi Information Technology Co. Ltd., we specialize in manufacturing batteries that produce renewable energy constantly for a long period of time. We manufacture silicon power battery, starting power battery and backup power battery that have been widely used in many fields such as power system, locomotive starting sector, vehicles, ships, base stations, server rooms, UPS, medical equipments, emergency lighting sector, solar system, alarm system, and defense field etc. All our products are maintenance-free, so you are absolutely free from the burden of regular charge, discharge and maintenance.

The secondary cells of all the storage batteries manufactured at Yuqi are handy enough to store and supply the correct amount of energy required to start various ignition and electrical systems. The solar system batteries are strong enough to generate sufficient energy even in severe environmental conditions like continuous rain days when the battery does not get enough sun light for its charging.

Advantages of Yuqi Solar system batteries are many. Their storage capacity is huge. For example the 2V solar system battery is capable of discharging at 1.2V, and can automatically recover after fully charged.  The charging time of the Yuqi solar system batteries is under 30 minutes whereas other storage batteries normally take 3 to 4 hours to be charged. Even after 4 years of constant use the solar batteries can still function normally. The batteries do not show any liquid overflowing at joints even after years of continuous use. Also, the Yuqi solar batteries producing constant renewable energy are environmental-friendly and are recognized as “Green Star” products in China battery industry by the State Environmental Bureau.

So, we have batteries for all your needs.