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Motorcycle Battery

The desirable features of a motorcycle battery are low maintenance, defense against spillage, extra power to weight ratio, charge acceptance, rugged and vibration resistant construction and flame-proof technology. Advanced manufacturers like Exide offer batteries specifically designed for use in motorcycles and electric bikes.

Care of Motorcycle batteries

if your motorcycle uses a flooded lead acid, you need to follow the same maintenance procedure as you would for a similar car battery. Check electrolyte level and top it up. Have the electrolyte checked for pH at regular intervals. Keep terminals of motorcycle batteries free of rust and corrosion and use petroleum jelly to protect wires and terminal bolts. Secure the battery firmly to prevent it bouncing about. Do not leave a battery unused; charge it and discharge it at regular intervals even if you winter your motorcycle.

Use special high performance or lithium ion batteries if you can afford them for care-free use and extended life. If your motorbike came with a normal flooded lead acid battery, you could get an equivalent gel type, completely sealed type, great performance type or equal lithium ion type in the similar size to fit into the battery space, when it is time for replacement. Catch it from an online battery provider for the finest deal for sealed lead acid battery.

The motorcycle battery is a small sealed lead acid starter battery. Greatly like a vehicle battery, it is intended to give a strong burst of power to start the engine. Diverse sized motorcycle batteries are used depending on the electrical loads and size of the motorcycle's engine. There are also 3 dissimilar types of motorcycle battery technology available. The unique battery skill was the wet lead acid bike battery.

Performance Benefits of Motorbike Battery:

1. With wider process temperature variety from -40℃ to 70℃, this silicone series can be used in numerous fields. And this motorbike battery boasts important advantages particularly in severe situation of winter and summer.

2. No acid haze or hydrogen manufacture, unable to erode circuit and equipments.

3. With advantages in power storage and version in deeper discharge of big current, the vehicle battery also have stronger and longer-distance consignment capacity, which make sure this battery a huge benefit in electric vehicle business.